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Application Centre Anabond August 18, 2023
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Anaerobics are acrylic-based adhesives that cure when applied on metal surfaces and in the absence of oxygen.

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Cyanoacrylate adhesives are one-part solvent-free adhesives that cure immediately at room temperature

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Silicone rubber is an elastomer consisting of silicone polymers and filler materials. 

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Polyurethane is a class of synthetic resinous, fibrous, or elastomeric compounds belonging to a family

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Curing rubber is a synthetic rubber obtained by the polymerisation of chloroprene (neoprene™)

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Our products are synthetic elastomer based formulations containing one or more grades

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Modified silane has the combined advantage of silicone and polyurethane characteristics

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Epoxy adhesives are regarded as one of the strongest adhesives available in the consumer market

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It is an acrylic emulsion based synthetic material that is widely used in the construction industry to seal gaps

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Polysulphide is an elastomer that is widely used as a sealant in construction and road works.

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MMA adhesives are two-part, room temperature curing, modified methacrylate based structural

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Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic solids which are activated upon heating. They liquefy above their softening