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Acrylic Anabond August 8, 2022

It is an acrylic emulsion based synthetic material that is widely used in the construction industry to seal gaps and cracks in all types of materials. When fully cured, the sealant forms an elastic, rubbery coating over building surfaces and gaps. 



It cures by drying

24 hours

One component system

01. Environment friendly water based sealant
02. Cures by physical drying, no harmful emissions
03. One component sealant
04. Easy to apply and clean with water
05. Good adhesion on wide range of substrates
06. Does not require primer
07. Permanent flexibility in wide temperature range

-10 °C to 80 °C

-10 °C to 80 °C

Not suitable for underwater applications

450 g HDPE cartridges

The ideal storage temperature range is at or below 35 °C

12 months

Safe to transport by road, air and sea