Curing Rubber

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Curing Rubber Anabond August 8, 2022

Curing rubber is a synthetic rubber obtained by the polymerisation of chloroprene (neoprene™), phenolic resin, and a solvent-based curing system. It cures at room temperature. Solvent based low viscous grades are noted for their spray application and quick setting.
The unique property of rubber adhesive is mainly suitable for aerospace (gaskets, seals, deicers), automotive (timing belts, window gaskets, fuel hose covers, cable jacketing, closely-fitting metal parts), industrial (gaskets, hoses, power transmission belts, conveyor belts, escalator handrails), electronics (wire and cable jacketing) and many more like sponge shoe soles, foam cushions etc.


Liquid Gasket
Sealing and bonding

Rubber based adhesives cure when the solvent evaporates and the rubber cross links and bonds substrates.
Nitryl rubber used in brake shoes require thermal curing.
Neoprene or chloroprene rubbers are generally vulcanized using metal oxide.

Set time: 30 sec to 5 mins
Full strength: 1 to 5 days

One component liquid system
One component viscous / paste system (liquid gasket)

One component liquid system
01. Suitable for bonding plastics, Leather, Canvas, Cured rubber etc.
02. The initial adhesive strength is very high, fast setting and curing.
03. No softening or discoloration contamination
04. Attains green strength (cohesion) within a short period of time
05. Good Shear strength
06. Suitable for temporary and permanent holding

One component viscous / paste system (liquid gasket)
01. Excellent pressure resistance up to 150 kg/cm²
02. Good chemical resistant, Weathering and Mechanical properties.

 -10°C to 80°C

One component liquid system
01. Solvent system requires good ventilation during use
One component viscous / paste system (liquid gasket)
01. Lower service temperature then anaerobic (liquid gasket)
02. Dissolves in organic solvents

15g to 20kg – packed in drum and aluminum tubes


Store the products at or below 25°C

6 – 12 months

Being a solvent based system, proper safety standards are to be adopted during transportation.