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MMA Anabond October 20, 2022

MMA adhesives are two-part, room temperature curing, modified methacrylate based structural adhesive for bonding of metals, thermoplastics and composites (except low surface energy materials). This adhesive system cures completely upon mixing in 15-25 mins through three dimensional cross linking.
Ideal for automotive components, marine assemblies, electronic enclosures, aerospace parts, electrical components, furniture, windmill assemblies and other exterior applications


Structural Adhesive

Cures to a tough plastic on mixing to form a three-dimensional network structure

At 25°C, 24 hours

Two-component viscous paste

In service temperature -40 to +120 °C

Application temperature 20 to 30 °C

MMA adhesive comes in twin cartridges with static mixer for mixing the two components.

The ideal storage temperature range is at or below 20 °C in the original,unopened packaging

Two component system:
The ideal storage temperature range is at room temperature

9 months under recommended storage conditions

Two component system:
12 months

Transport within five days.