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Cyanoacrylate Anabond August 8, 2022

Cyanoacrylate (instant) adhesives are one-part solvent-free adhesives that cure immediately at room temperature and offer high bonding strength.
Cynoacrylates are highly versatile adhesives that can be used to bond diverse substrates like metal, rubber, wood, cardboard and plastic.
This product is typically used for home and office needs.


Cyanoacrylates cure in the presence of moisture to form an acrylic material which has a very good tensile strength.

Setting time: 5 sec
Full strength: 1 hr

One component cyanoacrylates (Liquid to Gel)

01. Simple cure mechanism
02. Rapid strength development
03. No mixing or measuring required
04. Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials

Can withstand up to 80 °C

Ambient condition
(20°C to 30°C)

01. Blooming and frosting
02. Acidic or alkaline surface conditions affect bonding
03. Substrate roughness affects bonding
04. Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials
05. Soluble in polar solvents
06. An activator is needed to cure fillers and exposed liquids

2 g, 4 g in Aluminium tubes (Liquid form)
20 g and 50 g plastic containers (Liquid form)


The ideal storage temperature range is 5 °C or below

6 to 12 months

Safe to transport by road, air and sea