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Anaerobic Anabond July 9, 2022

Anaerobics are acrylic-based adhesives that cure when applied on metal surfaces and in the absence of oxygen. The unique property of anaerobic curing makes it suitable for closely-fitting metal parts, sealing flanges, and securing machinery parts like threaded fittings. Notable applications include thread locking in railway track fasteners, bearings in motors, engine gaskets for IC engines, etc.


Thread locking & sealing
Pre applied thread locking & sealing
Retaining of cylindrical parts
Sealing of threaded pipes
Liquid Gasket

In presence of metal (catalyst) and in the absence of air (particularly oxygen), polymerisation is initiated and a strong bond is formed within 24 hrs.

Setting time: 5 mins
Full strength: 24 hrs

One component
Wicking grade to Paste (Thread Locker),
Liquid to Paste (Pipe / Thread Sealant ),
Liquid to Paste (Retaining compound)
Paste (Liquid gasket)

Two component
Low viscosity porosity sealant
Precursor to preapplied thread locker

01. Suitable for locking and sealing of threaded fasteners
02. Withstands vibration
03. Better alternative to conventional locking systems such as star, spring washer etc.
04. Suitable for active substrates (MS, copper, brass and cast aluminium) and inactive substrates (Zinc plated, Cadmium plated, Galvanized steel and Passivated steel etc.)
05. Excellent oil resistance
06. Suitably formulated to meet the service

Pressure resistance: tested up to 550 kgf/cm²
(Pipe / Thread Sealant)

Pressure resistance: tested up to 200 kgf/cm²
(Liquid Gasket)

Thread Locker -50 °C to +250 °C
Pipe / Thread Sealant -50 °C to +200 °C
Retaining Compound -60 °C to +200 °C
Liquid gasket -45 °C to +180 °C

Not suitable for oxygen sealing and strong oxidising agents
Not recommended for use with thread size greater than M80

One component
4 ml to 5 kg in HDPE container / Pail (Liquid form)
250 ml to 850 ml in LDPE cartridge (Liquid to Paste form)

Two component
2.5 kg & 5 kg in Tin & Polythene cover (Liquid form)
500 g to 50 kg in Pail & Jerry can (Liquid form)

HDPE container, LDPE cartridge, Collapsible tubes and Jerry can


The ideal storage temperature range is 8 °C to 35 °C

6 to 15 months

Safe to transport by road, air and sea.