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Epoxy Anabond August 8, 2022

Epoxy adhesives are regarded as one of the strongest adhesives available in the consumer market and widely used as structural (load bearing) adhesives. They are noted for their quick curing mechanism. 
These are thermosetting adhesives, which solidify through chemical reactions that take place either at ambient or elevated temperatures. The solid, cured epoxy materials will only soften but not melt on heating.


Gap filling
Potting and encapsulation

One component epoxy adhesive system
It contains an epoxy resin and a latent curing agent. Latent curing agents are activated upon heating. When heated, the chemical reaction between the resin and the hardener starts and the material gets cured in to a tough mass exhibiting high bonding strength.

Two component epoxy adhesive system
These are room temperature curing systems. Epoxy resin and the hardener are packed separately and supplied as a package to the customer. These two are mixed in particular ratios (Weight or volume basis) during use. The mixed adhesive system is used within the potlife period to achieve optimum bonding strength. The complete curing of two part epoxy adhesive systems require a minimum of 5 – 7 days.

It depends on the product

One component system
Two component system

One Component system
01. No need to mix
02. Good mechanical and electrical properties
03. Good chemical resistance properties
04. Good weathering properties

Two Component system
01. Versatile (wide range of formulations possible)
02. High cohesive strength
03. High adhesion to wide variety of substrates
04. Good temperature and solvent resistance
05. Good weathering properties
06. Good gap filling

One component system
-40 °C to 150 °C

Two componenet system
-55 °C to 80 °C

One-component system: +20°C to +40°C (it depends on product viscosity & curing temperature)

Two-component system: +20°C to 50°C (it depends on product viscosity )

One component system
01. Requires cold storage
02. Limited shelf life

Two component system
01. Exothermic reactions (unsuitable for certain plastics)
02. Requires exact measuring and mixing to achieve optimum bonding strength
03. Short working time
04. Probability of skin irritation due to the toxic nature of the curing agent

One component system:
350 g and 450 g cartridges
1 kg to 20 kg in HDPE containers, pails, tins and drums

Two component system:
1 kg to 7.5 kg in HDPE containers and pails

One component system:
The ideal storage temperature range is at or below 5 °C

Two component system:
The ideal storage temperature range is at room temperature

One component system:
6 months

Two component system:
12 months

One component system: Transport within five days or under cold storage.
Two component system: safe to transport by road, air and sea