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R&D Anabond July 9, 2022
Research & Development
at Anabond

Anabond’s inception stems from an idea formulated in a lab. Research is fundamental to our work culture and adopting a technology-driven approach facilitates rapid product development. Our research and development centre is spearheaded by industry stalwarts and is endorsed by government agencies and organisations. . Our highly motivated and experienced teams have established a reputation for quality that shines through our partnership with the nation’s space and defence programmes.

Over 100 products manufactured for ISRO
The research teams are equipped with state-of-the-art, advanced testing labs that are capable of providing data validation by testing for diverse physical and chemical parameters without interruptions. This is supported by an in-house analytical facility that helps characterise raw materials and production intermediates. The combination of the right materials and resources helps us to be agile in our innovation strategy as we develop solutions in anticipation of customer needs.

research and development at anabond