Butyl Rubber

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Butyl Rubber Anabond August 8, 2022

Non curing rubber or Butyl rubber is a copolymer of isobutylene with isoprene. Our products are synthetic elastomer based formulations containing one or more grades of synthetic elastomers, different types of inorganic filler materials, and a suitable tackifier. These products retain their physical consistency and their adhesion characteristics during the entire service life (up to 20 yrs) of the assembly.


01. Waterproofing the door foils of vehicles
02. Bulkhead sealing of compressors and condensers for waterproofing
03. Damping material used in automotive industries for Noise, Vibration, & Harshness (NVH) enhancements
04. As a vacuum bagging sealant during manufacture of windmill blades. Suitable for curing of composite products
05. Waterproof sealing of overlapping joints in pre-engineered metal (Galvanized sheet), pre-fabricated building and roofing
06. Insulation of electrical cables
07. Weather and dust proofing in automobiles

Almost all grades show No chemical reaction and does not cure.
Only vacuum bag sealant grades undergo sulphur based vulcanization.

One component highly tacky non flowing system
One component paste system
One component expandable tape / pad

01. Good adhesion characteristics on metals, plastics, glass, wooden & composite substrates.
02. UV resistant
03. Outdoor weather resistant
04. Adhesion characteristics is well preserved during the service period
05. Non corrosive
06. Good electrical insulation properties

Curing type Products are available with service temperatures ranging from -20°C to +210°C.
Non Curing type Products are available with service temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C

01. Dissolves in non polar solvents such as toluene, hexane, xylene, hydrocarbon oils and hydrocarbon fuels.
02. Unsuitable for very low (< -40°C) and high temperature (> +80°C for non curing, and +210°C for curing) applications.

Extruded tapes and pads of different dimensions are directly extruded and wound over release paper and then packed in corrugated boxes and returnable plastic boxes

Caulking – paste (350 ml / 400 ml)
Drum – paste, solvent based (20 kg)



The product should be stored in 25°C to 35 °C in dust free environment, away from heat source and direct
sunlight. The product should be kept closed to avoid dust pick up which reduces tackiness.

6 – 24 months

Safe to transport by road, air and sea