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Silicones Anabond August 8, 2022

Silicone rubber is an elastomer consisting of silicone polymers and filler materials. It is widely used for sealing applications and is available in various formulations. 

Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing, or RTV Silicone, cures at room temperature and offers good resistance to vibration, shock (mechanical stress), chemical corrosion, and heat.

Silicone sealants are used as form-in-place gaskets for engine and transmission applications, sealing of exterior joints, aquarium panes, bath tubs, in construction and glazing applications, electrical potting and encapsulation, mould making, etc.


Liquid Gasket
Potting and Encapsulation
Specialty Lubricants
Sealing Application
Heat Sink Compound
Weather Sealant

RTV silicone systems cure in humid conditions. Humidity should be maintained until the curing process is completed. The curing process cannot be accelerated using heat. Excessive heat can adversely impact the curing process.

Setting time: NA
Full strength: 7 days

One component RTV silicone sealant
One component RTV silicone potting compound
Two component RTV silicone potting compound

01. Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) silicone sealant
02. Low thermal conductivity
03. Low chemical reactivity
04. Low toxicity
05. Hydrophobic, forms watertight seals
06. High degree of elongation
07. Inhibits microbiological growth
08. Resistance to oxidation.
09. Resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light.
10. Electrical insulation properties.
11. High gas permeability
12. Excellent movement capability

−50°C to 220°C

01. Water-based paints cannot be used on silicone surfaces
02. Attracts dirt and grime
03. Acetoxy-type curing system releases acetic acid that is corrosive
04. Poor tear resistance, but special formulations are exceptions
05. Non-polar solvents induce swelling
06. Short tooling time due to skin formation
07. Primer required with some substrates like concrete

25 g in Aluminium tubes
280 g HDPE cartridges
25 kg drums

The ideal storage temperature range is between 20 °C to 35 °C

4 to 12 months

Safe to transport by road, air and sea