Ensuring Strong and Durable Bonds with Anabond Products Anabond June 9, 2023

Ensuring Strong and Durable Bonds with Anabond Products

Anabond Adhesive is a prominent member of the industrial adhesive family, catering to a diverse range of industrial applications. As one of the leading manufacturers of adhesives and sealants in India, Anabond has established a formidable position in the industry. With a rich experience spanning over four decades, Anabond has consistently met the requirements of engineered adhesives tailored for specific industrial needs. When compared to a wide range of consumer adhesives, Anabond adhesives exhibit remarkable superiority, especially when it comes to adhering to various substrates. They excel in challenging conditions found in most industries, such as extreme temperatures, pressure, and chemical resistance. The optimal chemical composition and exceptional adhesion properties of Anabond adhesives make them the ideal choice for industrial applications. 

Understanding Anabond adhesives – Anabond Adhesive: Composition and Features

Polyurethane, Epoxy, Polyester, Polyamide, Vinyl Acetate, and Polyacrylate are the most widely used chemistries in making sealants and adhesives. The key features of Anabond adhesives include Rapid strength development, no measuring or mixing needed, simple cure mechanism, excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, setting time, and bonding of plastic and elastomeric substrates.

Types and Variations of Anabond Adhesive

Anabond enjoys the top position among adhesive manufacturers in India with a wide varietyof adhesives including Cyanoacrylate, Epoxy, Rubber, Acrylic, MS Polymer, Polyurethane, MS Polymer, and Silicone. Single-component epoxies, Anaerobic Adhesives, and RTV Silicone sealants were indigenously manufactured for the first time by Anabond. Today, Anabond’s products list spans over 1500+ products, and has 9 manufacturing plants. These products can broadly be grouped into RTV silicones, Anaerobic Engineering Adhesives, Polyurethanes, Epoxies (Single and two components) Acrylic sealants, Industrial cleaners, Lubricants, Cyanoacrylate, and so forth. With such an impressive product range, Anabond caters to the needs of diverse industries like aerospace, automobile, construction, electronics and electrical, process industries, marine, FMCG, etc. Anabond has a market share of >70% for anaerobic, while it enjoys an 85% market share in RTV silicones.

Applications of Anabond Adhesive

Anabond products find application in a wide range of functions like Thread locking and sealing, Pipe sealing, Bearing retainer, Gasketing, and sealing, Bonding, Joint sealing, Thread sealing, Construction, and potting the major areas. Anabond has a presence in every segment of manufacturing and industry and spans defense, aerospace, railway, marine, automobile, energy, etc. The company has a strong R&D approved by CSIR (Govt. of India). With 9 manufacturing units across India, Anabond is focused on producing quality adhesives at affordable costs. The research center conducts research in multiple areas like anaerobic sealants, silicone, epoxies sealants, and rubber-based adhesives. Anabond has also partnered with ISRO and DRDO in developing products for space and missile programs respectively.

Benefits of Anabond Adhesive H2: Exceptional Bonding Strength and Durability

The biggest benefit of Anabond Adhesives is that it provides exceptional bonding strength and durability across a variety of applications. Apart from this, it provides the following specific benefits:-

  • Rapid strength development
  • Very simple cure mechanism
  • Superior adhesion to a wide range of substrates

Resistance to Various Conditions

Anaerobic adhesives offer very good resistance to environmental factors irrespective of whether they are semi-liquid or single-component liquid adhesives that cure to solid plastic between two metal surfaces. The cured adhesive seals and bonds metal components by filling the air space between the joints. When fully cured, most environmental conditions that tend to destroy other adhesives, will in fact make anaerobic adhesives stronger. Similarly, when exposed to common chemicals too anaerobic adhesives perform very well.

Some of Anabond’s products that deserve special mention

Anaerobic – Anaerobic Adhesives and sealants by Anabond represent a single-part acrylic ester-based fully reactive system that cures without air in metal. It is extremely resistant to heat, vibration, chemicals, and oil. The high-performance compounds possess excellent adhesive strength. Anaerobic formulations provide excellent viscosity essential to deliver 100% contact between the surfaces while mechanical joining gives only about 30% contact.

RTV Silicones – RTV Silicones are offered as a single-part and two-part systems ready for use as sealants, potting compounds, and sealants. These represent a unique combination of high resistance to temperature and flexibility. Once cured, they provide excellent weathering with very good resistance to several solvents. RTV Silicones are safe for use in food processing equipment and are ideal for electrical insulation, mechanical sealing, gasket sealing in power transmission and engines, and other applications.