Anabond’s Pride: Supplying Mission Critical Components for Chandrayaan 3 Anabond August 31, 2023

Anabond’s Pride: Supplying Mission Critical Components for Chandrayaan 3

Anabond with ISRO for Chandrayaan 3
Anabond collaborates with ISRO for Chandrayaan 3 mission
For nearly four decades, Anabond, an Indian manufacturer specializing in adhesives, sealants, and speciality coatings, has been a steadfast partner of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Anabond is known for its quality and customized solutions, Anabond’s collaboration has been instrumental in supporting India’s space and defence programs. Our product range which includes adhesives, sealants, and specialty coating & polymers has played an integral role in ISRO’s missions. Our products are actively used in PSLV, GSLV, and SSLV. Anabond’s enduring partnership highlights the fusion of expertise and innovation, contributing to India’s remarkable achievements in space exploration. A total of 35 Products belongs to different chemical categories are being used in every launch vehicle.

Thermal protection coating:

Anabond’s silicone-based products, specifically Anabond 916, 917, and 918, are thermal protection coatings for launch vehicles. These coatings shield the vehicles from the intense aerodynamic heating encountered during liftoff. This defence mechanism is crucial as the vehicles breach the upper atmospheric region, a critical phase in any launch. These products tried and tested across ISRO’s missions, have earned their reputation as indispensable safeguards.

Structural Bonding Adhesive:

Anabond’s offerings extend beyond thermal protection. Its specialized adhesives, including Anabond 925, 928, 927, 926, 941, 941M, 944, and 940, have become essential in joining different substrate combinations. Whether metals, rubbers, or plastics, Anabond’s adhesives ensure robust and reliable connections. This precision is especially vital in ISRO’s PSLV and GSLV missions.

Conquering Cryogenic Challenges

ISRO’s GSLV missions introduce unique challenges due to their utilization of CRYO engines and extreme cryogenic temperatures. The boiling point of liquid hydrogen is − 253 °C & the boiling point of liquid oxygen is −218.79 °C. Hence GSLV mission requires speciality adhesives withstanding liquid oxygen & liquid hydrogen temperatures. Anabond 941M and CAS Resin, built upon modified epoxies, provide the essential adhesion that can withstand these frigid conditions. These adhesive marvels enable GSLV to navigate through its critical high-altitude satellite deployment with unparalleled confidence.

Advancements in Solar Cell Bonding and Propulsion Catalysts

Anabond’s ingenuity extends to diverse areas. Anabond 953 has enabled ISRO to autonomously bond solar cells, minimizing external dependencies. Anabond’s breakthrough in producing the Activated Copper Chromite (ACR) catalyst has significantly contributed to the uniform burning of solid propellants, a critical aspect of rocket performance.

Chandrayaan 3: Anabond’s Continuing Legacy

Anabond’s legacy continues to shine in Chandrayaan 3. The speciality coating plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the launch vehicle against intense liftoff heat. Additionally, Anabond’s structural adhesive, Anabond 941M, and Anabond 973 2k pressure-sensitive adhesive ensure secure bonding of lunar thermal probes on the Vikram lander, an integral aspect of the Chandrayaan 3 mission.

Anabond’s Integral Role in Advancing India’s Space and Defense Frontiers

In the realm of launch vehicles, with their need to withstand intense heat loads during liftoff, Anabond’s silicone-based heat-resistant products played an essential role in ensuring vehicle integrity. Adhesives tailored for PSLV and GSLV missions enabled the joining of different substrates, while speciality adhesives designed to endure cryogenic temperatures were critical for GSLV. Anabond’s role extended beyond adhesives, delving into catalyst development for solid propellants. Uniform burning of solid propellants, crucial for smooth launch vehicle operation, was achieved through Anabond’s innovative catalyst. Indian defence programs also benefited from Anabond’s expertise. Supplying an array of products—adhesives, sealants, coatings, encapsulants, high-temperature resin systems, and thermal pads—Anabond contributed to agencies like DRDL, ASL, BrahMos Aerospace, BDL, and NPOL. Developed in Anabond’s dedicated R&D facility, these products were scaled up and regularly supplied, showcasing Anabond’s unwavering commitment to the defence sector. A total of 20 products are being used in various military system and defense sector. Anabond’s journey is one of ingenuity and dedication, as its solutions continue to propel India’s space and defence endeavours to new heights.