Anabond: Pioneering Chemical Solutions for Various Applications Anabond July 18, 2023

Anabond: Pioneering Chemical Solutions for Various Applications

Anabond: Pioneering Chemical Solutions for Various Applications

Anabond is a leading brand in the chemical industry, setting trends and pushing boundaries across the country. With expertise in anaerobic, silicone, polymer, epoxy, polyurethane, and related chemical technologies, Anabond has established itself as a pioneer and import substitute in the market. Their commitment to reliable manufacturing quality has made them a trusted name in the industry.

Wide Range of Applications

Anabond offers a diverse range of chemical products suitable for various applications:

Thread Locking

Anabond’s thread locking solutions provide reliable fastening and prevent self-loosening of threaded assemblies.


Anabond’s retaining products are designed to secure cylindrical components, ensuring proper alignment and enhancing the durability of assemblies.


Anabond’s gasketing solutions create a reliable seal between mating surfaces, preventing leaks and providing resistance against fluids and gases.


Anabond’s priming products prepare surfaces for bonding, enhancing adhesion and promoting a strong bond between substrates.

Gap Filling

Anabond’s gap filling solutions fill voids and uneven spaces, ensuring uniform distribution of stress and improving overall structural integrity.

Lubrication and Vacuum Sealing

Anabond’s lubrication and vacuum sealing products provide superior lubrication properties and create airtight seals in vacuum applications.


Anabond’s potting compounds offer excellent protection by encapsulating electronic components, safeguarding them against moisture, vibrations, and environmental factors.


Anabond’s bonding adhesives provide strong and durable bonds for a wide range of materials, enabling reliable and long-lasting assemblies.


Anabond’s sealing products create tight and leak-proof seals, providing resistance to moisture, chemicals, and other harsh environments.


Anabond’s coating solutions offer protective layers that enhance corrosion resistance and provide insulation against electrical conductivity.


    Anabond’s encapsulation products protect sensitive components by providing a protective barrier against external factors, such as moisture, dust, and contaminants.

  • Anabond offers a comprehensive range of products for diverse applications.
  • Their expertise spans anaerobic, silicone, polymer, epoxy, polyurethane, and related chemical technologies.
  • Anabond was the first to manufacture anaerobic adhesives in the country.
  • Their reliable manufacturing quality has established Anabond as an import substitute.
  • Their products are widely used for thread locking, retaining, gasketing, priming, gap filling, lubrication and vacuum sealing, potting, bonding, sealing, adhesive, coating, and encapsulation.