About Us

Anabond Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of Engineering Adhesives & Sealants, Paints, Specially Coatings & other chemical formulations in India since 1979 for AutoMobile , Aerospace & Defence , Industrial , Energy , Construction , Marine ,Railway , Vehicle Construction Industries .

Anabond is the first company to manufacture Anaerobic Adhesives, RTV Silicone sealants & Single component Epoxies in India.Anabond is an ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001 : 2004 & ISO / TS - 16949 : 2009 certified Company

Anabond's ultimate vision is to become a leader in technology and a  globally competitive company with the strong support of in-house Research & Development setup.  Anabond R&D centre is approved by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (Govt. of India) New Delhi as an in-house R&D unit involved in development of Adhesives & Sealants.

Anabond is fully equipped with four manufacturing facilities in India & its orientation has been to produce quality products at a  minimum cost.

Few of Anabond credentials are Best Vendor award from M/s Maruti Udyog Limited a leading manufacturer of automobiles in India, Appreciation award from M/s Indian Space Research organization a Govt. of India Enterprise, Excellence Award from M/s Whirlpool of India Ltd & 100% vendor rating from auto majors TATA Motors, M/s Ashok Leyland etc.

Anabond has 14 branches and 300 dealer networks in India to cater to the need of the Industrial & FMCG market, apart from several counter sales dealers.  Anabond Overseas operation started in the year 1994 & now exports to U.K,  Germany, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Thailand, Srilanka, Taiwan,, U.A.E, Saudi & Kuwait


  • 1979 March 19th Anabond Corporation was formed to do research on Anaerobic Adhesives and sealants.  
  • 1980 The first anaerobic grade Permaloc TP was approved at BHEL .
  • 1981 Office & manufacturing unit established at Type II, Dr.V.S.I Estate,Chennai, India.
  • 1983 Anabond entered railways as a supplier.
  • 1984 Silicone sealant manufacturing unit inaugurated.
    • Anabond started its first branches at Coimbatore and Bangalore
    • Corporate office inaugurated at 3A, Adyar Bridge road. Chennai, India.
  • 1985 First supply to Indian Navy
  • 1992 First supply to  Aerospace
  • 1996 Anabond purchased its first factory site at Thirubhuvanai, Pondicherry (Current Location of the factory)
  • 1998 Pondicherry factory inaugurated with 22 tons capacity per month.  
    • First Exports flagged off.
    • Anabond Pvt. Ltd . became a public limited company.
  • 1999 Coatings division started.
  • 2001 Illalur Production facility established,
    • Anabond Pondicherry plant Certified with ISO / TS 16949.
  • 2004 Ezhichur Production Plant established,
  • 2005 MEPZ Production Plant and the Meghalaya plant established
  • 2010 Corporate office at Thiruvanmyur, Chennai inaugurated
  • 2013 Anabond HS Butyl established by a joint venture with HS Butyl of UK.


In the age of rapid technology growth, developments in adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, paints & specialty coating materials are taking place all over the world to suit diversified challenging applications.  In order to cope up with the advancement, Anabond Ltd has established an in-house R&D centre in the year of 1979.  This R&D centre is capable of handling multidisciplinary activities. 

Anabond’s ultimate vision is to become a technology originated, globally competitive company with strong support of in-house R&D.  Anabond’s R&D centre has been approved by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi. 

This R&D centre was founded by Mr. J. Vijayakumar.  This centre is presently headed by Mr. K. Adhinarayanan, who has an experience of 37 years in the field of adhesives & sealants.  Under him there are 23 dedicated scientists, 12 chemists and 8 supporting staff working towards developing various grades of adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, paints & speciality coating materials based on different types of polymeric systems such as epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, acrylics, synthetic elastomers etc.

The R&D centre is housed separately in a floor area of 12,500 sq.ft.   The centre is fully equipped with latest testing equipments, which are required to test the various physical, mechanical and electrical properties of adhesives and sealants and related products developed in-house.  A full fledged analytical facility is also available in the R&D centre to characterize the raw materials and also the intermediates developed in-house. Though the chemistries involved in the area of adhesives and sealants are very vast, Anabond’s R&D centre is actively involved in the development of products based on the following chemistries for specific end applications.

Product Range

  •     Di & polymethacrylate based anaerobic systems suitable for thread locking, bearing retaining, pipe sealing and liquid gasketing applications for automotive and general engineering industries.
  •     Di & polymethacrylate based microencapsulation systems suitable for automotive and general engineering industries for thread locking applications.
  •     Di & multifunctional epoxy based single and two part adhesives, sealants and encapsulant materials for automotive, industrial and general purpose applications.
  •     Poly dimethyl siloxane based single and two part room temperature vulcanizing adhesives, sealants and encapsulants for automotive, engineering industries and also for general purpose applications.
  •     Poly dimethyl siloxane based general purpose and thermally conductive greases.
  •     Polychloroprene rubber and nitrile rubber based solvent containing adhesives, sealants for automotive, home appliances industries and also meant for general purpose applications.
  •     EPDM, butyl rubber, cisamer, chlorobutyl and bromo butyl based caulking compounds, mastics, extruded tapes for automotive, construction and general engineering industries.
  •     Acrylic emulsion based sealants for construction industries.
  •     Ethyl cyano acrylate based adhesives for automotive, engineering industries and also for general purpose applications.
  •     Polyester and polyether polyol based polyurethane systems for CASE, rigid and flexible foam applications for automotive, home appliances, engineering industries and general purpose applications.
  •     Paints and speciality coatings based on epoxy, polyurethane, alkyds, amino resins, nitro cellulose, polyester, and thermo plastic acrylic based materials suitable for plastics, metals, wood and glass substrates for consumer, electronics, cosmetics, auto ancillary and general industries.
  •     Silver containing antibacterial glass beads for antibacterial applications.
  •     Speciality adhesives and sealant systems based on epoxies, synthetic elastomers, polyurethanes, polydimethyl siloxanes silicone systems for aerospace and defence applications.
  •     Hydroxyl / vinyl terminated polydimethyl siloxane based dental moulding compounds for dental applications.
  •     Formulation of glass – ionomers cements based on polyacrylic acid and fluoro aluminium silicate glass fillers.
  •     Formulation of light cure composite material based on BIS – GMA for dental restorative applications.
  •     High temperature (300 - 350°C) withstanding polyimide resin systems for fabricating carbon – polyimide, glass – polyimide composite components finding use in aerospace industries.


Anabond’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities are administered by Fr. Francis Guezou Social Welfare Centre  the main arm of Anabond, through which the CSR activities are executed

Fr.Francis Guezou was a French Missionary who spent the major portion  of a life time at the then primitive Yelagiri hills under adverse conditions for the underprivileged  of the hill range. Destiny had it that the Chairman of Anabond benefitted by the selfless service of the great soul. In better times, having successfully set up the Anabond operation, when the chairman approached Fr.Francis to repay for his kindness, he was told in firm words "I do not run a financial institution. If you want to do something in return, then educate more children yourself" Powerful empathetic words.. which were to embody the spirit and direction of the social responsibility of Anabond in times to come...
 Fr. Francis Guezou is no more... His last meal at Ilavenil- Anabond Guesthouse at Yelagiri Hill with his favorite dish
 pâté de foie gras  a French delicacy specially brought over for him... He breathed his last... But the selfless ideals of Fr. Francis Guezou lives in  every vein of the members of the Anabond family in body and spirit through the Fr. Francis Guezou Social Welfare Centre- A Homage to a great man....

Anabond has been active in CSR activities from the day it posted profits. The management has been liberal in contributing a fixed percentage of its profits for CSR activities. There  has never been a practice of recording the CSR contributions made by Anabond, until the year 2011, when many of our esteemed customers asked us about our contributions to society. Apparently it carried a positive point in their vendor selection process.

Anabond realised quite early that children are the future for the country. Education to the under privileged children in and around Anabond factories has been on quietly for the past 30 years. Once educated, they are better equipped to live and serve India.  

Some of the CSR activities  are listed below:

2001 Educational assistance to school children in Nellikuppam Village- Seven school children (four boys & three girls) from Nellikuppam Village School, were taken into a tuition program. The criteria for selection were:

  1. Poor economic and social background 
  2. The children showed potential for studying

They were given an additional meal everyday and provided with a tuition teacher to coach them better. The seven children were supported this way until the completion of high school.

Parent Teacher Association (since 2001) – A PTA was formed with 13 teachers to help out the following schools: Govt. High School, Illalur, Primary School Illalur, Primary School, Echangaadu, Primary School, Chengaadu, Primary School, Periyar Nagar. All of these villages are located in and around the Anabond factory at Illalur. 13 teachers were sponsored by Anabond,  to tutor the children of these rural schools which are generally lacking the required number of teachers.

Snacks for students appearing in Board Exam (since 2001)

The students appearing for board exams are provided with special food supplement daily (generally 1 egg and 1 pack of milk) at the Nellikuppam Govt. School.

Community Toilet at Mangalam Village (2012) at Yelagiri Hills - A hygienic toilet facility was built and managed for the villagers of Mangalam at Yelagiri in 2012.

High school compound wall Illalur - A wall for the Govt. High school has been built by Anabond to prevent stray animals entering the school premises and affecting classes.

IT infrastructure (2013) at St. Charles, High School, Yelagiri - A photocopier machine was provided for the use of the students of the St. Charles, High School, Yelagiri

Education schemes within the Anabond Family-

At Anabond we firmly believe that education is the background on with the underprivileged can uplift themselves. Most of our CSR programs have been for education promotion and education related activities, especially for school children in the nearby villages. An extension of this idea is being provided to the factory employees of Anabond, to motivate their children in studying.

Following are the schemes :

Merit Award (since 2005)

A Merit Award is being given to the employees whose children have scored minimum 75% of marks in the all terminal Examinations. Award amount is Rs.5000/-.

Every year in the month of July educational materials & assistance is given to employees’ children scoring over 60% marks in exams.

Family get together - Children’s day celebration is held at the factories once a year. The employees are encouraged to come with their families. There are many on-the-spot events and competitions followed by dinner and music. The purpose is to motivate the young children to come together as a social gathering.

Anabond Calendar (since 2012) Every year a drawing competition is held for the children of the Anabond employees across factories and offices. Awards are provided for the best drawings, and the 12 best drawings make the Anabond Calendar the next year.

Joint Venture

The dental surgeon uses a lot of products for correcting the dentures. Impression forming silicone, teeth filling compounds, brace fixing adhesives to name a few have a lot of resonance with the adhesives range. With technology from Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute, Trivandrum, India, Anabond formed a Joint venture Anabond Stedman Pharmaceuticals to manufacture specialty products for the dental surgeon. The restofil range of products is fast replacing costly imported products making teeth care within the reach of common man.

Anabond HS Butyl Pvt Ltd was formed in April 2013. The company, based in India consists of a 50/50 Joint Venture between Anabond Limited of India and HS Butyl Limited of England. Anabond HS Butyl Pvt Ltd will manufacture butyl tapes in India to serve the Indian market.

HS Butyl has five decades of experience in manufacturing butyl tapes in the United Kingdom. Their products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide and the quality of butyl tapes is accredited with the ISO: 9001 standard. HS Butyl’s experience allows their products to be manufactured for a range of applications and in different formats including double-sided, single-sided, pre-cut lengths and in multilane format.